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In the state of Louisiana in the United States many people still speak French. You like me, don't you? Each of his friends is going to camp this summer. We all just looked at them. I want to be better. I could not help laughing at his jokes. Has anyone talked to her? That's me! Donny was my commanding officer.

We risk losing control of the situation if we don't act quickly.

They spoke of their high exam grades with understandable pride. You should call your mother as soon as possible. A word is enough to a wise man. Why would Roxana care? I think Stephine doesn't swim very often. He may well be proud of his sons. The law kept people from playing football for a while.

I miss you so much! He is in danger of losing his position unless he works harder. You're not afraid of heights, are you? If your statement is indubitably true, why do I doubt it? Please mind the gap between the train and the platform. Dahlia said he really did want to be here today. Dot is going to explain it to Dusti. He is a robust young man.

You're the only person I know that never complains about the food here. Let's get everything fixed here and now. You probably think you know how to do this, but let me explain it once more. She just wants to have fun.

I want you to meet my family. You asked for my advice, so I'm giving it to you. That's a beautiful suit. You two make such an attractive couple. The test was rather difficult. Pardon me, where is your restroom? "How are you doing?" "I'm doing okay." I wondered why people stared at me.

Can we have our drinks, please? They collect our garbage every Monday. Davida refused to comment.

How much time do you spend on a computer? Do turtles have teeth? She's a better leader than he is. Would you like to have your hair washed? Ella said you were good at skiing. Willa offered Rosanne a mug of coffee. Destiny looked at the moon. The narration is written in the first person singular, because it is fictionally taken from the man's everyday journal.

Oh, don't be like that.

You're not hard to find. The youngest boy dropped behind the other hikers. I'm very surprised to see that.

Ahhh, Paris at last. Where should we go first? I don't have a problem with what Griselda said. Coincidentally enough, I know him. Have you written down the phone number? There was a great deal of conjecture as to what would happen. I'll keep an eye on it. Cassi was too shy to take part in games with the other boys. I know the name. When are you going to tell me? I would greatly appreciate it if we could change our appointment to 3:00 pm on March 6.

I don't have a couch in my office. We chose a hotel near the subway. We're all dying. Wyatt bought a bus ticket. I'm going to meet him there. I should be happy for Rosamaria.

You have to get them.

Who put the hit out on Kaitlin? Gaston is looking at the documents right now. Poverty is still the major cause of crime. I think you're hungry. Eat. Literature flourishes best when it is half a trade and half an art. I promised Kurt I wouldn't tell anyone. Yevette is doing everything possible to help. You should tell him about that in advance.

She broke the dish on purpose just to show her anger. We therefore introduce a small portable cabin that can be divided in half and can be carried anywhere. Memorize this.

It was extremely funny. I hate cooking, and you? Would you have been able to do any better? Don't cut in when others are talking. I haven't broken any laws.

I burned the roof of my mouth. I need to stay here tonight. He doesn't know even the proper way of greeting people. I eat cucumber.

He was looking for a letter all day long. The rocks on this beach remind me of those summer days when Laura and I played in the sand until nightfall. In Asia, French language is often associated with romantism. Rebecca asked me if I wanted to have a drink. We watched Lakesha and Nakesha playing handball.

Americans like football in the same way that Japanese like baseball.